Salsa Glamour Dance Glebe Starts Monday 25 Th November 2019

 Classes start on Monday 25 Th November   7pm - 8 pm  $49 for 4 weeks 7pm - 8 pm Glamour  Dance Glebe 2019 Glebe , casual classes available til the end of 2019 sms 0411808451 to find out more or book a place . Lear  the basics in a great atmosphere - Couples , Single , Same Sex and Mixed  Great 1 st Date idea - gift vouchers for Christmas 

There are many reasons to learn dancing apart from fun and meeting new people including:
improve balance and reduce falls
good for the brain and mental health
gentle on the body but burns calories to help with weight loss
good for physical fitness as it can increase stamina, strengthen bones and muscles
it’s fun and can trigger the release of feel good hormones like serotonin and endorphins
Weblink for more details:
Starts Wednesday 25 Th November 2019 come along . 
Glamour Dance Studio 9 /1 Glebe Point Rd Glebe
Salsa Beginners 7pm-8pm
$49 for 4 weeks for 1 course and Starts th 2019
Bring 3 people you train free
sms or email to book a place 0411808451




   Ring or SMS 0411808451 for information.
 Instructor Penny Gulliver has been dancing for 18 years and has won medals in International Dance Competition.