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Welcome to Newtown Martial Arts /GLMA , an Inner West Martial Arts  Club which focuses on Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Self Defence and Kung Fu Kids Welcome over 10years and Adults all ages .
Safety,Confidence,Self Esteem,and Martial Arts Competence in our 9 Grade Black Belt Program will improve health, fitness the quality of your life .Competency is measured through a grading program and optional participation in competition.

The club is run by Sixth Dan Black Belt Penny Gulliver who has over forty  years experience in martial arts and self defence.

We train in Erskineville in Sydney's inner west at the Erskineville Town Hall - 104 Erskineville Rd Erskineville

We encourage you to do a 4 week kickboxing course  where there is also an introduction to Kung Fu offered at the end of the class. Thursday nights 6:30pm ,Tuesdays 6:30pm. and Saturdays 10 Brown St Newtown 12:15pm . We hope them you become a member  of our Martial Arts Club with lots of advantages.-Gradings,bonus classes and an 9 grade system to Black Belt and beyond. Facebook GLMA Martial Arts , Newtown Martial Arts , 

GIVE US A CALL/SMS  0411808451 to find out when the next 4 weeks course starts come and try it out.

All are welcome!



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Kickboxing Kung Fu Course Starting Thursday June August 1st 2019 Newtown 

Bag Work , Partner Work , Fitness With Purpose , Rounds Self Defence Applications , Non Contact Sparring 

$99 for 4 weeks 3 times a week . Bring 3 others you train free . SMS call 0411808451 to book a

Kickboxing Self Defence for Beginners

Fitness with a purpose - learn basics of Kickboxing with a Self Defence Application - 

Pad work , rounds , non contact sparring ,kickboxing , intro to kung fu, fun and useful way to improve fitness ,$99 for 4 weeks up to 3 times a week , sms /phone 0411808451 for more info or to book a place . Bring 3 others you train free. Starts Thursday 2nd May 630 pm  Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday .

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Kickboxing Kung Fu Course Starting Thursday 21st February 2019 Newtown 

Bag Work , Partner Work , Fitness With Purpose , Rounds Self Defence Applications , Non Contact Sparring 

$99 for 4 weeks 3 times a week . Bring 3 others you train free . SMS call 0411808451 to book a place 

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For October 4th Erskineville Town Hall Kickboxing Kung Fu Course . Perfect introduction to basic striking techniques, fitness Bagwork , training over the spring season  with kickboxing $99 for 4 weeks up to 3 times a week.630 pm to 745 pm  . SMS / call. 0411808451 to find out more or book a place  . Starts June 6th 2018 Training is 630 pm Tuesday’s Sydney Park 630 pm Thursday’s Sydney Park and 1215 pm Saturdays at Newtown  Library . The building has great views of the oval and city lights - and people can go for a run around it at the beginning of training if they wish . 

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Martial Arts -with Penny Gulliver
check it out on Utube

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I was in Buenos Aires, vacationing in what I thought was a fairly safe part of the city one night when I was walking down a main street heading off to a friends house for dinner.
As I walked to dinner, I saw a man just a few meters ahead of me punching a male pedestrian. As I walked the attacker turned his attention to me and started aiming punches at me. Out from behind me the first guy that had been punched came towards the attacker punching him in the face repeatedly without too much success. As the attacker turned to me again punching I quickly lunged in striking my elbow to his head which brought him down fast, knocking him out and stopping him from hurting anyone else. Thanks to regular training at GLMA Newtown with Sifu Penny Gulliver I knew how to react and what to do, and how to protect myself i ... Read more »
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Penny's self defense segment on the Morning Show

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Congratulations to the team who competed at the ISKA Australian Titles.
Del - 2nd Advanced / Blackbelt forms
Jez - 4th Advanced / Blackbelt weapons
David - 1st Beg / Int weapons, 4th forms
Meg - 5th Beg / Int forms

View the article in the Sydney Star Observer
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